Project management for your business teams

What is JIRA CORE ?

Jira Core is a project and task management solution that any manager within an organization can use to plan, track and report on work.

It includes the core functions that business teams require, optimize to meet their needs. This saves time by reducing the need for adaptation. Jira Core Business Templates release more efficient support for multiple teams, projects, and workflows for administrators.

All Jira Core features are also available in Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.

Features, benefits and typical applications

Organizing and managing projects in a structured way

Monitoring project details

Customize business workflow

Approval processes

Automated notifications

Process management and management of repeated tasks

Measurement of performance

Marketing teams manage control cycles for websites, blogs, ad elements, and more

Human resources teams monitor the recruitment process and organize tasks for new employees

Finance teams can review, approve, and even track closure of financial books

Legal teams have the option to review the documents before signing, approving and sharing them

JIRA CORE Server / On premise / prices:

Počet užívateľovKomerčná verziaŠkolská verzia
1-1010 $10 $
11-251600 $800 $
26-503000 $1500 $
51-1005500 $2750 $
101-25011000 $5500 $
251-50016500 $8250 $
501-200020200 $10100 $
2001-1000025300 $12650 $
10000+30400 $15200 $

Commercial software licenses are permanent and include 12-month maintenance (upgrades / support) starting on the date of purchase.

When you renew your license for the next year, you pay only 50% of your current license price list and receive technical support and software updates.

Atlassian products for project and task management solutions can be used by all your managers to plan, track, and report on work. They support the work of your teams, they are optimized to suit their needs. Powerful SLA support, configurable circuits for incomplete tasks, real-time reporting and many other features for your operators or service team.

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