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DMS Document Control

♦ DMS eDoCat


  • Flexible open source platform Alfresco CE
  • No license fees for Microsoft
  • Document Control Support
  • Modular concept
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Professional supplier Support

With the software DMS eDoCat and thanks to the platform Alfresco Community Edition you will cut down costs of running your company. System DMS represents an intelligent storage of electronic documents. It will enable you to automate internal document rotation, streamline administration and speed up internal processes. Document Control is ISO compliant.

Functions of DMS eDoCat

  • Indexing of documents for easy retrieval
  • Support for the implementation of ISO or GDPR processes
  • Workflow automation capability
  • Electronic files and smart folders
  • Categorization of documentation based on metadata
  • Integration with other company information systems
  • Data extraction, process automation
  • Automated document shredding
  • Different notifications bound to document status or date
  • Automatic document movement through a records or document management lifecycle
  • Integration of content into processes Document management and workflow together
  • and more next benefits…

System security

  • System Administrator does not have access to documents
  • Central panel for global content access control
  • Controlled and reliable audit trail of document
  • Possibility of prohibiting downloading of documents bound to a folder and a user role
  • Encrypted communication using SSL certificate
  • Integrated file encryption

Save time and Low costs

  • Quick and smart search by word, phrase in document, or by category of indexes per document or folder
  • Reduce Storage space
  • Digitization and archiving as soon as you enter the system
  • Simple document update
  • Documents in one place Teamwork with files by access
  • Automated and secure storage of business documents in accordance with legal regulations
  • A revision version that allows you to restore older versions of the same document if needed

Complex solution

  • Creating workspaces for your teams and collaborating on documents and files
  • Analysis, automation and make business processes more simple
  • A powerful combination of document management and workflow options opens up opportunities to increase and accelerate the flow of digital business
  • Rich metadata models can be used to automatically move documents through records or the document management lifecycle, which speeds up business processes


Are you interested in document management software that supports ISO-certified management documentation? We’d like to work with you to digitize your company! We look forward to meeting you and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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