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We offer our dedicated customers direct support to specialists on the most powerful servers. Call the exclusive support line at any time.

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HP Servers

We offer a delivery of HP servers in the field of on site solutions. We help you choose the right product for you. We will provide you with comprehensive server, management, and maintenance services. Our servers are equipped with high-quality components from leading world producers. When installing servers we always reach server outstanding performance and ensure delivered server with the operating system form a reliable pillar of the information system at the customer.


Need to install network services? Our comprehensive installation options include server, storage, network, security, cloud, backup, and disaster recovery solutions as well as software solutions. We are fully aware of the best practices as well as the functionality of the solutions we offer. We use best practices to ensure the smooth implementation and configuration of your installation solutions. Whether you are implementing an individual product or a complete solution, we have the experience of providing quality service on time.


The Internet has changed not only a business’ customer base, but how a business communicates with its employees, and finds and manages the competition. Your organization needs a business internet connection that is fast, reliable, and high quality at a fair pricing. Smart companies rely on an Internet connection to communicate internally with employees and externally with customers and partners. The internet business is the technological foundation of modern business. We take care of the maximum reliability of your Internet. The security is first.

WiFi Network

We design and deliver wireless solutions that suit your needs. Before we design network, we perform a comprehensive building survey to help deliver the perfect solution We can help you choose the right devices. Thanks to the reliability of our business partners we can guarantee that your individual requirements for durability, bandwidth and coverage will be solve to your content. We make your wireless network more reliable and safer.

Domain / Hosting

We offer domain registration and webhosting, wordpress hosting, rental of servers or virtual machines. We guarantee the availability of 99.98%, so your websites and applications will run virtually nonstop Long months without outages are clear. Precision infrastructure, high availability, simple management tools and day-to-day support are obvious. We take care of you, you do business effectively.



We provide design and installation of IP telephony services. We can design and implement a phone solution for your needs – from a simple user-friendly but rich communications system to a more sophisticated IP telephony system that integrates remote workers with productivity-enhancing software.

From us for you

We offer our dedicated customers direct support to specialists on the most powerful servers. Call the exclusive support line at any time.

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