Welcome to Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.2

The Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.2 release contains many patches for Linchpin.
In addition, all apps are compatible with the read-only mode.
Several bugs are fixed and the user experience improved while also introducing some new features.

Overall improvements

All apps are now compatible with the Confluence Data Center read-only mode.

Complete changelog  –   New features


Here is a complete overview of all of the changes that //SEIBERT/MEDIA has implemented in Linchpin Intranet Suite release – But be aware: It’s a lot – don’t get lost in this looooooong list! (wink)

You can now include whole pages using the “Profile Based Page” macro.



  • All apps are now compatible with the Confluence Data Center read-only mode.
  • You can now define H1 or H2 headings in Microblog content.
  • They improved the link tool included in the Microblog. You can link Confluence pages directly from the tool.
  • You can now format microposts with help of the established Confluence markup.
  • They included minor improvements for @-mention handling within the Microblog.
  • Full-day events now behave correctly across different time zones.
  • Users can now duplicate any event for which they have view permissions.
  • Improved responsiveness of the “Create event” dialogue.
  • When configuring an “Event” macro, you can now select your event from a list that shows more than 15 results for your filter criteria.


  • When configuring the Linchpin Assistant to include fields in restricted categories, these restrictions are now respected.
  • When configuring validated phone fields to be filled via a directory, they can now only be filled manually by users that are not in that directory.
  • The display of phone numbers in Linchpin Mobile has been fixed (no more visible “tel:”).
  • When only selecting a single item in a cascading select fields, editing your profile again now correctly remembers that selection.
  • Saving profile edit permissions does not show console errors anymore.
  • In rare cases, problems with personalization not updating instantly could occur. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for a bug introduced in 2.21.3: You can now select people in the “Content Responsibility” macro again, other multi-selects are fixed as well.
  • The news subscription module for the Linchpin Assistant now shows readable text in the tooltips.
  • “News feed” macros now work correctly when used together with Bitvoodoo’s Navitabs.
  • Since version 2.11.0, unread news have markers when Bitvoodoo’s Viewtracker is used. Those markers don’t appear above the Linchpin menu drop-downs anymore.
  • The read-only field Content-ID in the timeline placeholder macro is now hidden.
  • They fixed an issue with opening the “Recently viewed” Confluence popover.
  • Fixed an issue with the event list macro showing events that did not match the filter criteria.
  • If you already updated to Version 3.2.0 this release fixes an issue with the upgrade task for existing events.
  • Fixed an issue with the context path for page URLs in event ICS exports.
  • You can now use original Confluence profile fields for filtering users in the people directory