Linchpin Intranet 3.0

A new version of Linchpin Intranet was released 3.0

New Features:
  • Define the language of any Confluence page, blog post or space.
  • Create translations of any Confluence page or blog post.
  • Link all translated page with each other.
  • Choose between translations via drop-down menu placed directly on the page.
  • Get notified whenever a translation in your language is available.
  • You can add local images via drag and drop now.
  • You can also add images by pasting an image URL.
  • Pasting web-images from the clipboard is possible now.
  • Add YouTube and Vimeo videos by pasting the url.
  • By default, new events are visible to all registered users. Optionally, each event can be restricted to members of any Confluence space
  • Event editors can now be defined based on individual users and user groups.
  • The creator of an event can be displayed inside the event now, so that participants can contact them.
  • Cover images can be added directly from the Unsplash image database when editing an event (only available if this option is enabled by administration).
  • The “Apps” macro is now also available for mobile use and allows Linchpin Mobile users to access their favorite apps when on the go.
  • The Language Manager is available for server and DC instances now.
  • The “Custom User List” has a pagination now and the performance has been improved.
  • The avatar display of the “Content Responsibility Macro” has been improved.
  • We have made technical improvements to ensure sustainability.
  • We improved the PDF export layout for pages containing the “Custom User List” macro with text area profile fields.
  • We improved the support for videos and images.
  • Small screen sizes received a better support.
  • Event editors always have access to all event functions – even if there are restrictions in place.
  • The “Sign me up” button is hidden for events for which the registration is not allowed.
  • We improved the protection against XSS attacks.
  • In Linchpin Theme, we clarified which custom landing space entry will apply to a user.
  • We clarified which custom landing space entry will apply to a user.
  • All language names should be displayed in the correct Confluence language now. Please note that this was a Confluence bug.
  • The display of search results in the “Custom User Search” macro has been corrected. Previously it could happen that they were positioned incorrectly on the screen.
  • When using a custom language pack to translate profile field and category names, the system’s default language is now used as a fallback when no translation exists for a user’s language.
  • Until now, the OrgCharts did not show users when the capitalization of the user profile field was done incorrectly (as in: different from the actual user name). This has been fixed to use a case-insensitive lookup. Superior and subordinate users are now displayed properly, even if “JaneDoe” is entered as “janedoe”.
  • We fixed an issue with file uploads to Confluence pages failing on rare occasions.
  • We also fixed an issue with Oracle databases that prevented displaying any events in the system.
  • Sometimes, pop-ups were positioned way off, for example when mentioning someone. This has been corrected in the new version of Linchpin Theme.
  • We also fixed some optical issues with the Linchpin Theme plugin.
  • We have fixed an optical issue concerning the “Cover Stories” macro in combination with Bitvoodoo’s Navitabs.
  • We resolved a bug that caused attachments to break on edit (only affected Confluence < 6.15).
  • We resolved a bug that broke @-Mentions on edit.
  • Addressed a bug causing the configuration not to load