INSIGHT Asset Management

Perfect to manage any property

What is INSIGHT ?

Insight is built to meet the diverse needs of modern organizations.

It is ideal for managing any property respectively and much more There is a clear hierarchy of items, easy to track and manage. The automation framework gives you complete control over changes to all your assets. A graphical explorer lets you view asset dependencies. Mapping dependency and impact analysis in this case is very simple.

You can freely configure your asset types to suit your business needs. By creating links between assets you can create the vital dependency mapping that is needed to describe reality.

A complete audit trail of all changes made to each asset ensures compliance and enables management change reporting.

Integrate with Jira and Jira Service Desk to get a great transparent tool.

Insight power is limited only by your imagination.

Features, benefits and typical applications

Track and manage assets

It can process more than IT data

Hierarchical data storage

Integration with Jira Service Desk

ITIL support

Visualization of assets and their interconnections

CMBD tool – asset management

Manage products, customers

In conjunction with Jira great Service Management and Asset Management

Organization chart


JIRA INSIGHT Server / On premise / prices:
Počet užívateľovKomerčná verzia
1-1010 $
11-25850 $
26-501850 $
51-1003750 $
101-2506900 $
201-50010000 $
501-200015000 $
2001-1000020000 $
10000+25000 $

Commercial software licenses are permanent and include 12-month maintenance (upgrades / support) starting on the date of purchase.

When you renew your license for the next year, you pay only 50% of your current license price list and receive technical support and software updates.

Academic licenses are available with a 50% discount if you have an academic license for your Atlassian product.

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